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So many things I wanna do!

I just gotta let this out.

I’m someone you could call an explorer. I really love experimenting on things. I’ve always been the curious type. Since I was kid, I’ve always been opening up(and most of the time destroying them cuz I can’t put it back lol) and seeing what makes my toys tick. From clockwork cars, to Tamiyas, and to even just the weird transforming Power Rangers toys. My curiousity has led me to a lot of insights and that’s why I’m still as curious as I was when I was a kid.

Fast forward to the current me,
The thing that’s been keeping me busy and happy is Photography. I’ve been wandering from Macro, to Portraits, to Landscapes, to Long Exposures, to Street and I still haven’t actually found something I’m really good at. Although, I have to say I really like long exposures because it seems really mystical and fantasy like. Problem is, where I am right now… You wouldn’t be able to set up a tripod and do a lot of Long Exposure shots without attracting a lot of negative attention.(There’s a lot of hoodlums here sadly). You would only be able to do that when you’re in a group or when you’re really far away from civilization(like a Private Beach Resort perhaps).

What I really wanna say is… I wanna do more! I wanna go out and experiment! I miss going on roadtrips!

So, here’s my to do list

1. A proper startrail shot( I’ve done one before in one of our team buildings.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefourteenthday/8178170553/in/set-72157632720168579)

2. A proper milky way shot(same scenario as above http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefourteenthday/8178170897/in/set-72157632720168579)

3. Street Photography using a Film SLR( to lessen unwanted attention)

4. Make use of the Blue Hour!(sadly it’s hard to achieve this one cuz I’m in the city, maybe when I get a car)

5. A good Magic Hour Portrait photo

6. Travel inside the Philippines for some awesome Travel Photography

7. Travel outside the Philippines too!

8. etc. etc. (There’s more to discover out there!)


Kilimanjaro Fireball

While an electric-lighted line of mountain climbers snakes toward it, a dazzling fireball (bright meteor) streaks over Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro (the summit of Kibo at 5893 meters). — Kwon, O Chul


Wild Flower under the Milky Way

“This flower is called Primula Denticulata and is located at 1500-3000m above sea lelvel in northern part of Yunnan, China. I had strong desire to take a macro image of these flowers and it took me an hour hour to find them. Putting the camera on the slope, focusing, composition and lightning were all very difficult but the worst thing is shortness of time to moonrise. I had to leave soon.”Jeff Dai

Wow… :D

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